The weather lately has been wild, the freezing rain has made the roadways so slippery that many schools have been delayed or canceled. This has been the case for many people and areas all over the state of Texas. But the videos that are circulating from the Dallas, TX area are crazy as many drivers have been getting stuck and just don’t know what to do with the winter driving conditions.  

While it’s easy to say, just stay at home, there are some people that have to show up to work to get paid. And bills have to be paid so finding a way to work is a must, but that is when you end up in situations such as the videos below when your vehicle gets stuck and you don’t know what to do next. 

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Dallas Drivers Just Aren’t Used to Driving in Snow 

The Metroplex doesn’t get very much snow, so when the winter weather arrives it’s always difficult for drivers to navigate the conditions. The road crews are doing the best they can but they aren’t used to dealing with ice all over the roads either so it’s a slow process as they try to keep the roads safe for drivers. 

Tips for Driving in Snow Around Dallas 

Things to remember if you have to drive in the snow include making sure you are not distracted, you need to pay full attention to the road and drivers around you. Also, keep both hands on the wheel as your vehicle could start sliding at any time. And be aware of drivers around you, they might not stop as you would expect them to, just be careful.  

Here is some of the crazy videos showing the horrible driving conditions in Dallas, TX recently.  

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