The Texas Rangers have had a surprising start to the 2019 baseball season. They sit at second place in the American League West with a record of 4-2. The Houston Astros have had a surprising start, too, but in the other direction. They sit at forth in the division at 2-5 (ESPN).

It's obviously way to early to know if these trends will continue. But that doesn't mean that the drama isn't high. Last night (April 3) during the Rangers 4-0 win, Astros hitting coach, Alex Cintron, and manager A.J. Hinch were both tossed in the second inning for arguing balls and strikes with umpire Ron Kulpa.

It all started in the bottom of the first when an obvious strike was called a ball by Kulpa. In the top of the second, Rangers pitcher Mike Minor's obvious ball was called a strike. That's where the Astros bench erupted according to ESPN.

I look at this and can see why Houston was upset. Those calls were wrong. The umpires will not be perfect, we know that, the managers know that. This umpire, however, took this to a very disrespectful level.

Especially when A.J. Hinch confronted him the second time and you see Kulpa say, "I can do whatever the **** I want!" As the umpire, you're in a very big position, but you've also got to keep an even playing field.

Last night, Kulpa didn't.

But then, on the other hand, it is kinda fun to see the managers and umps get into on occasion. I'm not saying this should end, I'm just saying it seems some umpires really let things go to there head and think the game is about them.

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