This is something that is starting to trend in Texas and that is bars raising the age limit to enter their establishments at 25 and over. In San Antonio, Bentley announced the change recently on Facebook and they are not the only ones in San Antonio doing this.  As reported by KSAT-12, Bently's on Broadway is not the only bar in San Antonio making this change! The Bar Horizons & More advertises itself as a place where "the grown and mature come to relax, play, eat, and dance." That bar has chosen to up the age for entry to 30 and up.

While the article says 25 and up, these two bars mentioned above are advertising their establishments at 30 and over. According to KSAT 12, the owner, Toya Taylor, says "I don't do drama, I don't allow drama. That's why my age limit is 30 and up.  I love my 21 and up but sometimes they don't really know how to control their alcohol.'  They are pretty proud of the results, as you can see from one of their Facebook posts.

While the concept is a newer one, what do you think? Do you agree with the bar owner that the twenty-something crowd brings too much drama? I mean, I have been in many bars that have many 'grown-ups' causing crazy drama. I think that this concept would work in our area if they do it once a month as a special event.  This would bring a more 'mature' environment for those who wish to party with all the youngsters.


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