Uh oh. Someone was caught on camera in Longview, Texas enjoying a 7 Brew Coffee at a local Starbucks location? Let the coffee wars commence!

Actually, just kidding. We're all about East Texas people enjoying coffee of all forms however the heck they see fit. However, one can't help but giggle a little to see the infiltration of another coffee shop within the walls of the coffee mega-mogul, Starbucks.

Every day we are seeing more and more coffee shops open up all over East Texas. And that includes quite a few local options, as well! Love that! At the same time, our own fellow East Texans are working in those national chains, and we want them to thrive, too!

Mark Tucker of Longview just happened to get a shot of this mostly imbibed 7 Brew Coffee drink sitting on a table inside a Longview Starbucks. And like us, he just couldn't help but find the irony amusing.

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He shared his photographic find on a local social media group page much to the interest of quite a few fellow East Texans who shared their thoughts on the unusual scenario.

One lady said someone else had been talking about this very thing earlier in the day. Many found the entire thing amusing, of course.

Mark also made a great point in the comment section of his post. He said the photo was just meant to be funny, but that he actually thought the baristas at the Starbucks were great. Well, said Mark.

Another lady from Longview commented and said the 7 Brew staff actually BROUGHT coffee and T-shirts over the folks at Starbucks. Whether she was referring to customers or the employees, we can't be sure. But either way, it's chuckle-inducing, at least.

Where's your favorite place to get coffee in East Texas? We'd love to hear from you! Here are even more ideas, though these are more specifically around the Tyler, Texas area:

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