One of our favorite historic buildings currently sitting in downtown Tyler, Texas is what was once one of the hottest spots in East Texas--Jake's on the Square.

However, the iconic Jake's on the Square has been empty for quite a long time now. It's still such a beautiful building, even empty. However, whenever I would walk by I was always amazed at how it had remained dormant for so long. But perhaps it's because the 1800s-era building was being reserved for something extra special--an event venue.

Not that we don't appreciate the event venues we already have in East Texas. But I say the more the merrier when it comes to lovely places to listen to music, hold weddings, host interesting business gatherings, etc.

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So, what specifically is coming soon to replace Jake's on the Square in downtown Tyler, Texas?

Verde X CEO, S.E. Greene, who recently purchased the building recently, told KLTV that once he "walked through and felt the floors creak under [his] feet, and felt the coolness of the brick as [he] walked down to the lower level below street grade, [he] just knew it had a lot more life to give and was going to explore what it looked like."

The new venue is going to be called One Eleven and they're hoping to have open and ready to host gathering this fall. Event Director Eric Gatti told KLTV he thought it was such a great idea because there isn't a dedicated event venue downtown. Verde X also believes the new venue could be of economic benefit to the downtown Tyler area, as well.

S.E. Greene, CEO of Verde X, Screenshot from KLTV News Video
S.E. Greene, CEO of Verde X, Screenshot from KLTV News Video

We love what Greene said to KLTV regarding One Eleven, which they hope will be open as early as September:

“Come together for your event, come together as family, come together as friends, come together as a community, and make memories."

Yeah. I think we could all use more of that. Let the memory-making begin. 

They'll be sharing more information in the near future.

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