I'll be honest, I'm a PlayStation fanboy. I have owned every PlayStation console (and currently have a PlayStation 2, 3 and 4 console in my home.) So, this morning's news is super exciting for me. PlayStation's official Twitter tweeted out an article from wired.com which gave the name of the next console, no big surprise, PlayStation 5, some details about the console itself, details on the next controller and it's release window of holiday 2020.

It's no secret, that both Microsoft and Sony will use Solid State Drives, or SSD, in their next consoles. This will make loading times virtually obsolete. It will also allow, according to Sony's Mark Cerny, developers add more environments to their games or increase graphic fidelity.

One big mystery is what the next gen PlayStation controller will look like and if any new features will be available for it. In the wired.com article, we got an answer. The controller is described as similar to the current Dualshock 4 controller. However, the controller can adapt to whatever particular environment your game character is in. For instance, walking across sand causes some resistance on the thumb sticks. Same was felt when the character was underwater or when driving across gravel to road to grass in Gran Turismo.

And yes, there is a bigger battery in the current controller, with a USB Type C charging port (YES!), so we'll be able to get more than two hours out of the controller.

Overall, this sounds super exciting for the next gen PlayStation. Time to start saving for that holiday 2020 release time.

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