One of my hobbies is collecting video games. Now, I'm not looking to collect every video game made for every system, I simply don't have the room. Plus, I don't have a real connection to most of them. But what I do have has a story or long hours of play time with.

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It all started on Christmas in 1989, I believe, when mom and dad got me and my sister a Nintendo. Dude, I was so excited. I still own that Nintendo and still play games on it. From there, I moved to the Sega Genesis. I was an idiot and sold my Genesis in the early 2000's. I even still had the box for the system and about 30 games still in their case with manuals. That's a big regret.

I picked up a Sony PlayStation in 1999 and was hooked ever since. I've owned every PlayStation system since then and still own all four of the systems.

I have three main spots where I pick up the games for my collection, Game XChange and EntertainMart in Tyler and I stop into each store just about every weekend to see if there is something new to add. Enjoy the gallery of my favorite games from my collection below.