Tokyo Game Show is going on in Japan as we speak. With it, a ton of new video game news. It's not news that Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming March 3, 2020. What is news is the new trailer for the game showing off all kinds of new footage. Watch it above.

And to be honest, I have the biggest, nerdiest smile on my face watching this. The game will be beautiful visually. The story, as large as the original game was, will be even bigger. I'm so hype for this release.

You can tell I'm excited. This is what I wrote earlier this year about the release.

Back in 1997, the Sony Playstation was a must have gaming console. It, along with the Nintendo 64, ushered in the era of 3D video gaming. To put it simply, the use of polygons helped create character models like we'd never seen before. Part of that graphical advancement also enhanced the design of the worlds played in.

Granted, those polygon models DO NOT hold well today but the game play and stories told still do.

My all time favorite video game series is Final Fantasy. I still remember playing the first Final Fantasy on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo is one of the best in the series, too. Final Fantasy VIII, IX and X is Final Fantasy at it's prime.

Final Fantasy VII (I'll call it FFVII for the remainder of this article) is my favorite but, at least for me, X could also be a tie for my favorite as well.

But I digress.

Back in 2015, it was announced that FFVII would get a remake. Then...we heard...nothing. In 2018, it looked like it may not even happen. But, we got some news of a new director and some big changes coming to the game.

Well, early 2019, we get news that it is happening. We even got an updated trailer for the game. YES! The release of the game is close!

That brings us to E3 2019 in Los Angeles. The night before Square Enix, the company behind Final Fantasy, was to make their presentation at E3, we get a release date. March 3, 2020. Better start saving up.

We got a ton of information during Square Enix's presentation June 10. The combat system looks fantastic. It's a combo of real time action with the turn based system of the original game. The visuals are stunning. The characters look great. My hype is at an all time high.

Some fans don't like the fact that this will be an episodic release. Meaning that what we're getting in March is only the first episode of the game. We'll have to wait for subsequent episodes over the next couple of years before we have the complete game.

The original Playstation game came on four discs. That's how huge in 1997 this game was. This release in March will come on two blu-rays. I have no problem with this plan, though. There are some depths of this game that will be explored that couldn't before. I'm willing to wait and pay for each episodic campaign. Hell, if they do a collectors edition for each release, I'll probably get each one.

Bottom line is, I'm super excited for this game. It comes out March 3, 2020 on the Playstation 4. You can pre-order it now. There is the standard edition, Deluxe Edition and 1st Class Edition. Knowing me, I'm 95% leaning toward getting the 1st Class Edition.

Happy gaming, friends.

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