If you're still looking for the force after seeing the most recent Star Wars movie, look no further. It isn't in a galaxy far, far away - It's in a toy store about two-and-a-half hours from here. A new toy store has opened up in Ft. Worth that specializes in only Star Wars memorabilia - from mint condition original toys to toys based off of the most recent movie in the franchise.

The Star-Telegram reports that Holocron Toy Store opened its doors earlier this month and has something to offer to kids of all ages. There is a section for children's toys that have Star Wars themed Hot Wheels, Legos, kid friendly action figures, and more. The owners said they wanted to make sure to create a collectible shop that was kid-friendly.

But for those who wince at the thought of an original action figure being taken out of its original packaging, there's a section for you too! It's full of memorabilia from the 70's including posters, action figures, trading cards, and more.

The idea behind this is brilliant. It brings together a whole new generation of Star Wars fans with the original generation of fans that not only brings back fond memories, but creates new ones as well.

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