Alright you fitness buffs and adventure-seekers, this is a 10K (or 5K if you like) that will get you dirty, to say the least.

This Saturday on May 20, it's the second annual Stars & Scars Mud Run at the Rabbit Creek Offroad Park - a 1,200 acre ATV park with rugged terrain. Well on this particular day, there won't be ATVs, just you and your silly old self trying to complete the 11+ obstacles waiting for you. Don't stay up to late on Friday as the first wave begins at 8 a.m.

Oh, did we mention it's going to get a little muddy out there?

Stars & Scars Mud Run
Stars & Scars Mud Run

I've done the Tough Mudder and the Spartan Race in the past - these kinds of obstacle course races are the best kind of races out there. I'm no runner... but I can certainly jog half a mile to climb a wall or traverse a jungle gym over a mud pit.

These courses aren't about crossing the finish line as fast as you can. It's about having fun on the way there!

Stars & Scars Mud Run
Stars & Scars Mud Run

Here's a list of some of the obstacles (you can skip obstacle but you still have to do a different task to advance):

  • Slip N’ Slide
  • Heart Attack Hill
  • Sea 'O Tires
  • Safety Crawl
  • Crater Canyon
  • Mud Bath
  • Over & Under
  • Cheech 'n Chong Crawl
  • Ankle Breaker
  • Sand Hill
  • Jungle Gym
  • Meat Grinder
  • The Dragon's Back
  • Mudscavaganza

You can register online here, at the event on May 20 OR you can take your chances with us and win one of the pairs of tickets in our studio. But if you do go on behalf of us, we'll be checking on how you did come Monday!

Don't forget to hose off before you get into your car when you're done!

Stars & Scars Mud Run
Stars & Scars Mud Run

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