Whether you're in Dallas, TX or Shreveport, LA, it's not that far away. Talk about a trip back through time. Did you have any idea that the oldest continuously operating general store in Texas is located right here in East Texas? Just outside of Marshall, TX as a matter of fact.

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T.C. Lindsey & Co., Jonesville store, in Jonesville just off of I20, looks to be a true blast from the past. The store has been serving its town and people for nearly 175 years. The building it's housed in is one hundred years old.

How many of your kids would get a kick out of this place? How many of you would?

Having trouble with gift giving? What could be better than a gift from the oldest continuously operating general store in Texas?

The store is open Tuesday - Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., but will be closed for Christmas. While when I visit I'll certainly be going inside to explore, they do offer curbside pickup service. "Call us well in advance to place an order (903 687-3382) and call again when you arrive. We will bring it to you at our north loading dock."

Melissa Berry
Melissa Berry

I came across this gem thanks to a Facebook post from Melissa Berry who penned a heartwarming plea to her fellow East Texans that the store needs our help:

"Many of you know they have been in limited operation the last year. It’s an historic store that depends on us visiting especially at Christmas. They have been open for Harrison county for 150 plus years - They are a Harrison County Treasure. Please support them this holiday season. It’s a place where magic still Lives!"

This was certainly enough to grab my attention, and hopefully yours. We'll be checking out this East Texas time capsule soon. If you'd like to as well, it's located at 2301 FM 134, Jonesville, TX 75659.

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