Over the course of his nearly two decade career, Stoney LaRue has racked up over 1 million albums and singles sold. The Red Dirt legend has also shared stages with some of the biggest names in country music and performed at Nashville’s renowned Grand Ole Opry, all while playing over 200 dates a year. And he's not slowing down.

Stoney fans will be happy to learn that he is set to release a new album, Onward on November 1st.

According to the press release: “I’m now getting back to being happy,” LaRue cites. “I’ve been writing a lot and figuring out what direction I am going in. That’s why this album is called ‘Onward.’ It’s a more mature album written about myself, humanity and the truth. The writing of it turned out to be medicine that didn’t have to be prescribed.” The album dives head-first into the opener "Fallin' and Flyin'," one of 10 songs co-written by Gary Nicholson. The track was famously performed by Jeff Bridges in the 2009 country music drama Crazy Heart. In LaRue's hands, it's a humble admission, part of his journey toward self-improvement. "I never meant to hurt no one/I just had to have my way/if there's such a thing as too much fun/this must be the price you pay," he sings. Likewise, he lays bare his soul in "You Oughta Know Me by Now," a song that Nicholson and his co-writer Shawn Camp wrote especially for LaRue. While it's framed around a man's shortcomings and bad habits, it also conveys a precious honesty, like much of the vulnerable album does. To listen to LaRue sing the nostalgic, Bob Seger-esque "Drowning in Moonlight" is to hear someone with whom you share an experience. LaRue further explores that idea on "Meet Me in the Middle," a gritty duet about compromise with the legendary Tanya Tucker. "It's about the idea of reciprocity in a relationship, of yin and yang. You want to think that everything's supposed to be equal and find the balance, but it never turns out that way, does it? It's always a shift of power," he says.

"Hill Country Boogaloo," the first release from the album is currently racing up the Texas charts.

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