There is a serious debate that is taking place on social media and I would love to hear your opinion on this topic. For most of us homework was just something that was standard, it was work from our school teacher to help enforce the things they taught us during the school day. But many parents believe that it's time to do away with homework all together. So, my question to you is, should teachers in East Texas stop handing out homework to their students moving forward?

For the longest time I always felt like homework prepares students for real life. It's not always fair but neither is real life. But as I grow a little older I'm starting to understand why so many parents are standing up for their kids to not have homework after their school day. There are so many time commitments outside of school, it's difficult to get everything done.

As Some Point Kids Should Be Allowed to Be Kids

My parent always taught me to work hard and give your best effort in everything. But I also appreciate that they let us be kids. I have fantastic memories of playing sports in the middle of the street with other neighbor kids. As we all know, those years go by fast, so I understand letting kids enjoy their childhood. After spending all day in a classroom, they should be allowed a break.

Remember College Will Still Require Homework

While we might actually see teachers or possibly schools doing away with homework, if students plan to move onto a college or university, they should expect homework. Although in college you don't have to spend all day in a classroom. There is a middle-ground that needs to be met.

It will be interesting to see what changes might be made because the reaction on social media so far shows that parents are wanting to see a change to less homework.

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