We know that teachers have been pushed to their limit over the past almost 20 months now. The pandemic has caused many teachers to question whether they want to continue with the stressful position or if they want to look into another career field. Just about every company right now is hiring so they have the perfect opportunity to make a change now. While I don't have kids I did learn about a school district in Montana that is now looking at online classes because they don't have enough employees, is that something you would like to see in East Texas?

It's impressive to see this school district doing everything possible to get children the supplies such as laptops that they need to continue their education without disruption. But it's just sad to me because I think kids need that interaction with each other, they need to learn how to work together on projects and that will be more difficult with an online setting.

Extra Curricular Activities Will Continue Like Normal

It seems as though this school district that is making the change to online learning will continue hosting sports and other activities for kids to participate in, which is obviously important. Hopefully the parents understand how vital it is for kids to have interaction with other kids in their same grade.

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The School District is Planning it Return to In Person Learning at Some Point

The school district mentioned in a letter to parents that their goal was to return to in person learning as quick as possible. But that means hiring more teachers, paraprofessionals, and bus drivers. Only time will tell if there are people that want to fill those positions.
Do you think online learning is going to be the future of all schools?

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