Nobody is winning a tiny house or an RV from a random Facebook share, so knock it off.

You can lump this into the category of "things we can't believe that we have to say," but so be it - those Facebook posts about winning a new RV, or a tiny house, or a truck? They're BS and you shouldn't be sharing them.

AJ's dad is super guilty of this, and we keep telling him NOT to do it.

As stated in the above Facebook status, the posts will usually say that they haven't been able to give away (insert prize here) because either the "winner" was underage, or from Canada, or didn't respond to claim their prize. The post will then ask you to share it so that they can pick a new winner.

A police department in Minnesota has also started to warn social media users about the scams:

Scam Alert

Please, please, stop sharing the pages that are giving away trucks, campers, RV's, tiny houses, and loads of other high end stuff. NO ONE IS WINNING THESE!! The last person didn't respond, because there was not a last person to win.

It is an attempt to scam you out of information or money. I have seen several pages tell people that they are the winner. All you need to do then is to submit your banking information and pay the taxes and it is yours. If you pay the taxes, the money is gone and you're more than likely not getting it back and will probably lose a lot more.

There are some fundraisers that do give away cars. If you see one of these, it is normally someone local that you can actually meet and more than likely know. There have also been some legitimate raffles for vehicles from major companies. You can usually go to their actual company website and get information on the raffle.

Just quit falling for this. It is the new scam. If anything, flag and report them to Facebook as a scam. I find it hard to believe that Facebook can't develop an algorithm to spot these and delete them before people get scammed. Until they do, lets help them out by reporting them instead of liking, sharing, and commenting on them.


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