There are many in Texas and East Texas who love a good wild hog hunt. Its a way to help get rid of the over population of those menaces but also a way to fill a hunter's freezer. A video that went up on TikTok, however, is probably not the way to go about adding some pork to the dinner table. Or maybe this was this dude's unusual way to train for a marathon.

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A Proper Hog Hunt

Let me set the scene for you; an early morning, your camo is perfectly hiding you, all you can hear is the sounds of nature, then, they appear. A whole pack of wild hogs. You've got two or three big ones surrounded by eight to ten little ones. You get the big one in your sights and BANG, got him as the rest of them scatter.

Yeah, That's Not What Happened Here

I'm not exactly sure who this guy is but I'm certain this is the weirdest hog hunt you've ever seen. Or maybe this guy just needed to burn off some energy before hitting the shower and heading to bed.

Or it Could Have Been too Much Beer

I can only assume this guy was out with his buddy, they see this small pack of wild hogs and he was like "hold my beer." He jumps out of the truck and starts running. This whole pack of hogs start running, too. He catches up to one and gets his hands on it but can't secure it. He lets that one go and continues his chase of the others. He somewhat catches up to another one but can't secure that one either.

@nigelenon♬ original sound - Nigel Lennon

I can certainly find a better way to add some pork to the freezer. Or this is the weirdest training for catching a greased pig at the rodeo.

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