For those of us who have lived in Texas our entire lives, it may seem that there isn't anything here that we haven't seen. Maybe you're running out of neat places to take the family on vacation, and need something new. There are some really interesting and even some strange places in Texas that you probably didn't know existed. From dinosaurs to pirate ships - all of these places are in reach and you didn't even know it.

Dinosaur Valley State Park - Go see  and experience some 113 million year old Dinosaur Tracks in the Paluxy River bed. Experience history along with some camping, picnicking, nature trails, and more.

Black Dragon Cruises - The Black Dragon is a modern day replica of a 17th Century Galleon. You can sail the same seas that Jean Lafitte and more traveled.

Terlingua Ghost Town - Historic Terlingua is located in the Texas Big Bend region between Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park. Once an abandoned mining village, the ghost town is now the center of a charming desert community.

Battleship Texas - The last of the battleships to participate in World War I and II, Battleship Texas became the first battleship memorial museum in the U.S. in 1948

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