Let me start by saying I don’t believe in zombies or have any sort of fear of a zombie apocalypse. I’m one of those people that have to see a zombie in real life and causing some sort of damage before I will ever fear for my own safety. But apparently there was a new survey released and revealed that one Texas city is the best place to be if you want to survive a potential zombie apocalypse.  

The details were put together by Lawn Love and they compared the 200 biggest cities in the U.S. looking at factors including “vulnerability, places to hide out, what supplies would be available, protection and mobility.” 

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What Texas City Came in at Number 1? 

According to all the “very scientific” details the best place to be in case of a zombie apocalypse would be Houston, Texas. You’ll probably laugh when you hear that Houston got it’s top score because it’s abundance of weapon and ammunition shops, places that you can purchase outdoor gear, and shooting ranges and firearm training facilities.  

What Else Helped Score the Top Spot? 

Other factors that helped Houston was the number of airports and helipads, also port access just in case you need to leave by water. Houston ranked #2 for “supplies” thanks to the large amount of H-E-B and Kroger grocery locations within the area.  

San Antonio came in at #3 on the list and Austin wasn’t far behind coming in at #6. Just as long as you’re in Texas you should feel comfortable that we will be okay if there is a zombie apocalypse at some point. Let’s hope that never happens, it should not be anything that you’re truly worried about.  

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