The Tyler Pipe that we know wasn't always between Lindale and Tyler. It was once located on East Oakwood Street off of Beckham Ave. It is now one of the most haunted properties in all of Tyler and home to World of Khaos Haunted House. A series of accidents and deaths dating back to the 1930's brought on the haunt in that area.

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History of the Original Tyler Pipe

Tyler Pipe was located on East Oakwood Street dating back to the 1930's. That factory was home to many accidents and several deaths as a result of the dangerous work that was being done there. In the 1970's, a massive fire on the site killed several people. It was eventually sold to Southern Foundries in 1973. After the sale, a homeless man was allowed to stay in one of the buildings. He was found dead one morning with his head bashed in with a cinder block. His spirit is said to still roam the property.

Paranormal Investigations

The area has been investigated several times by paranormal groups, including Wood County Watchers. In their initial investigation, they found the World of Khaos building to be the home of a little girl named Rosa and two demons named Red Face and Black Face. You can hear some distinct responses to their yes and no questions in the video of their first investigation.

This gives me all kinds of willies.

We tagged along with the Wood County Watchers on their second investigation of World of Khaos Haunted House. One of the first instances we encountered was their Paranormal Research Tool device started going off indicating that some kind of spirit was next to us.

Little Girl Named Rosa

We were told of a little girl named Rosa who lives in the haunted house. She is always looking for a place to hide from the two demons. Haunted house workers have said they heard a voice ask "Where can I hide now?" when they move something. During this investigation we were a part of, the researcher began communicating with the demon called Red Face.

Through a series of yes and no questions, we learned that he is a demonic spirit that burns people when he touches them. He also gave us a "Yes" answer to the question if more than seven demons live at World of Khaos.

Paranormal Hunter's Technology

Another tool used by Wood County Watchers is an XBox Kinect camera plugged into their computer. Through the camera, we were able to see a figure of some kind that was invisible to our eyes. There is certainly something going on inside the World of Khaos buildings. It certainly makes their haunted house a bit more real.

Check out the full video of us tagging along on the second investigation.

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