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One of the biggest tourist attractions in the state of Texas draws in millions of tourists each year. They're drawn to this location for the charm, beauty, color, uniqueness, and atmosphere along with the vibrant culture and tasty food. Tourists, including myself, are drawn to San Antonio's River Walk.

San Antonio's River Walk is full of shopping, art, and wonderful restaurants. One of the most famous sites is the restaurant with colorful umbrellas that line the San Antonio River as it runs the center of the city on its way to the Guadalupe River. Sitting riverside and having a margarita or cerveza is the way to pass some time while watching the ducks and fleets of river boats full of tourists go by.

If you've been there you know how hot and humid it can get, especially during the summertime. So, if you felt like it, could you take a quick dip in San Antonio's River Walk to cool off?

The answer is a big NO, unless you want to pay a fine!

Besides, the river itself is a bit nasty. While the city maintains the River Walk, the river itself could have contaminants, other wildlife, and lots of boats that might not see you swimming and run over you. While it may look a bit shallow and tempting the River Walk wasn't designed for swimmers or to take a dip in!

A San Antonio lawyer posted the following TikTok video letting you know what could happen to you if you're caught jumping, swimming, wading, or even touching the river water.

@texaschancla Did you know that it’s illegal to swim in the San Antonio River Walk? 😳 #texas #viral #lawyer #reaction #sanantonio #riverwalk #sanantonioriverwalk #210 ♬ original sound - Jesse Hernandez

Holiday Lights On The RiverWalk

The River Walk will be turned into a holiday wonderland with over 100,000 lights draping down from the Bald Cypress trees that line the San Antonio River and they will be glowing and reflecting off the river water. It is a free event and will be lit up nightly beginning November 24 through January 7, 2024.

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