Having a cell phone these days is as vital to your life as breathing, and although breathing is

When not to pull it out

encouraged to continue at all times of the day -- talking on your cell phone is not -- more after the jump.
Here are some of the times you should not pull out your phone:

10: While getting a hair cut
9: When you are going to the bathroom
8: On a plane during take off
7: At the Check out counter
6: During an awkward silence
5: At dinner
4: Camping in the woods
3:  While driving -- I disagree talking on your phone is ok.. texting is NOT
2:  During any type of performance
1:  On a date
Two that were missed:  While at church and at a funeral -- yep been to a funeral and in the middle of the service clear as a bell we all hear Pittbull's "I Know You Want."

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