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American Idol Has New Judging Panel For Season 13
The rumors have been out there for a couple of weeks about who will be on the next judging panel for American Idol, this morning Fox confirms those rumors by announcing the new judging panel for season 13 of the singing competition reality show.
Julianne Hough Embarrassed by Ryan Seacrest [VIDEO]
Country music star Julianne Hough and her 'Idol' hot beau Ryan Seacrest have kept pretty quiet about their relationship since they began dating in 2010.
But like a good boyfriend, Seacrest did not miss out on the opportunity to embarrass her on national television.
American Idol: The Contestant That Is Leaving Us Is…
On  American Idol last night, Jacob Lusk and Lauren Alania, the bottom two contestants anxiously await the verdict. The lights are dimmed on the stage and the low ominous music is in the background. Then we hear those dreaded seven words from Ryan Seacrest, 'The contestant that is leaving us tonight…
Scotty McCreery is Safe on ‘American Idol’ Once Again
According to Taste of Country .com, America’s love affair with Scotty McCreery has not ended, as the country singer has advanced to another round on ‘American Idol.’ American Idol David Cook performed on the show along with a strange performance from Katy Perry.
American Idol – Austin “Wardrobe Malfunction”
Tonight, the American Idol auditions roll into Austin, Texas. We'll see some singers who have made it to the Top 40, some angry auditions, and a woman who clucks like a chicken.
Ryan Seacrest tweeted that the producers are giving us an apology at the top of the episode. We're guessing it's about the …