The big question: Is this the last of "American Idol?"

Now that both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have confirmed they will not return for next season, some think so. "American Idol" had a huge 23 percent drop in ratings this past season. The series ended its 11th season at No. 2 behind NBC's "Sunday Night Football, although it still ruled among the most-watched talent shows. NBC's "The Voice" is fighting for the same audience demographic, 18-49, that "American Idol" is, and drew an almost equal number among young viewers. Ouch!

ABC reports that some believe Steven Tyler and J-Lo may not have been contemporary enough to keep the audiences attention after the "newness" wore off. Personally, I loved Tyler as a judge, it's what made me watch Idol. Of course, I'm at the upper end of the demographic too.

So far, judge Randy Jackson remains the only judge, but that could change. On one hand, if  Randy leaves, it would give the network a chance to reinvent the show. But, where does that leave Ryan Seacrest?

I feel it's been a great show, not all seasons, but as a whole. Maybe they should end the show while it still has some validity.

I want to know what your take is on the future of Idol. Weigh in on the poll below.


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