Giant Shark Tank Explodes in China [VIDEO]
Last week in China, people were going to the mall just as they would any normal day. They may have been looking for Christmas presents or shopping for themselves. But some lucky shoppers got a lot more than they expected. I don't think that a shark was on anyone's shopping list.
Kayaker Gets Chased By Great White Shark [VIDEO]
A first-time kayaker had a close encounter with a great white shark off the coast of Massachusetts over the weekend. Beach goers were the first to spot the shark following the kayaker Saturday afternoon. Think of the music theme from the movie Jaws!Two men on the beach starting yelling to get the ka…
Fearless Dog Bites Shark [VIDEO]
One pooch recently proved he’s alpha dog material by driving away a shark in the waters near One Arm Point, a remote community in western Australia. Good boy!
In a YouTube video featured on ‘Today,’ the dog can be seen paddling contentedly through the ocean while two sharks lurk beneath the surf. It’…