Texas Teen Killed
A Texas teenager is dead after pushing his mother out of the way of an armed robber who opened fire in a sandwich shop.
Subway Loses Lawsuit, Has to Start Measuring Sandwiches
The next time you stop by Subway, don't be surprised if your sandwich artist whips out the measuring tape.
The chain has agreed to start measuring their six-inch and footlong subs as part of a settlement to a class action lawsuit.
The settlement, released Monday, is the result of 2013 lawsuit accusing…
Best Rat Picture Wins Monthly NYC Subway Pass [VIDEO]
You always hear about the rat problem in New York City subways. I try to visit the Big Apple often, and when I do, I ride the subway. I have to say I rarely see rats when I ride. Of course, I'm not riding them everyday either. Last week the Transport Workers Union 100 launched a contest offerin…
Man Attacks Woman With Pen on New York Subway [VIDEO]
New Yorkers are forced to deal with a lot during their daily morning commute: crowds, delays, traffic. But smoking on the subway? Well, that's a whole other story.
According to reports, a man lit up a cigarette while riding the downtown 3 train at about 9:15AM Tuesday morning.
Naturally, the woman sit…