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Our Top 5 Favorite Western TV Shows [VIDEO]
Who doesn't love a good ol' western TV shows?! Heck, my little Granny loved TV westerns, from   "Gunsmoke" to "Little House On The Prairie", she watched them all. I miss Granny and I miss good ol' TV westerns too.
‘The Waltons’ Reunion [VIDEO]
To millions, "The Waltons" was the ultimate wholesome show about the importance of family. My family never missed an episode. Thursday nights was a big night for my family. As soon as dinner was over and homework was done, we would gather around the television set and watch our fav…
Betty White to Host Hidden-Camera Prank Show on NBC
At age 89, Betty White isn't showing any signs of slowing down just yet.
About a year after she famously hosted 'Saturday Night Live,' the multiple Emmy-winning TV star will return to NBC for a new hidden-camera show, tentatively titled 'Betty White’s Off Their Roc…