The Hollywood Reporter recently polled entertainment industry insiders about their favorite televisions shows. In response,here's my top 10.

Looking at just the top 10 from this list, the shows are great but only one them made it to my personal top 10, Saturday Night Live. The list below is filled with shows that I've spent a great deal of time with over the years. Some of the shows on The Hollywood Reporter's list are critically acclaimed, but I haven't seen.

My Top 10 would include:

10. Full House - Part of ABC's TGIF line up in the 90's, I rarely missed a Friday night with this gang, and still watch it from time to time in syndication.

9. Ally McBeal - This was one of the first prime-time television shows that I really got into as an adolescent. The dancing baby from the show was the first time I remember watching an animated graphic from the internet on my home computer.

8. Saved By the Bell - When I was in elementary school this show was on every afternoon when I got home, and on two channels in our market. I spent at least one hour with Zack and Kelly and the gang from Bayside High daily for year.

7. Parenthood - Four grown siblings, their children and parents interact. I dare you not to cry and laugh during each episode. It's hard not to binge watch this series!

6. Friday Night Lights - I'm from Texas, and watching this series reminds me so much of my hometown. Football is king in small town Texas.

5. The West Wing - If only I could write in Jed Bartlet for President.

4. SNL - 40 years and still poking fun at pop culture and politics. Some casts have been stronger than others, but this show has launched long careers for some of Hollywood's finest.

3. Sex & the City - This series is never safe for work, and neither is that clip - so watch it later or turn those speakers down, but it's the classic 'post-it break-up' moment.

2. Downton Abbey - This show won me over a few years ago, and it's one of my favorite winter shows. The final season begins across the pond Sunday, and will return to PBS in the states in January.

1. Gilmore Girls - I have seen every episode of this show at least three times. I love it. The quick-witted banter crossed with the quirky characters casts a magical spell over me and I can't stop watching. It's my favorite.