I think my headline pretty much sums up how I feel about this television show. How do people care about this? How is someone entertained by this? How does someone even think this is real?

This is a show about a guy who meets 20, or whatever number, women and over the course of six weeks, or whatever time frame is set, decides who he thinks he can spend the rest of life with? What?

Whoever thought this was a good idea must love dumpster fires. Because that's exactly what this show is. A huge, extremely hot, dumpster fire.

Then someone decided "let's take the woman that wasn't picked and have her be the star of her own show to find romance." Give me a break.

I'm sorry, but you can't find love by locking yourself in a house with multiple men or women, take six weeks, or however long, spending time together with cameras in your face and expect to come out with true love. Then, when it doesn't happen, the woman is distraught because they didn't find their mate.

The only reason the woman is crying is because they realized their own embarrassment of being on the show.

In no way, shape, form or fashion can you convince me that I should spend my TV watching time with this mess.

I heard some recaps this morning, because apparently the finale was last night, that the show lasted three hours and was some kind of live, picture in picture, with the bachelor telling the girl he proposed to that the other girl was who he wanted to be with all along. And that they had been engaged for four months.

And people watched this? And have been watching for multiple seasons? And it gets ratings? Give me a break!

Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comment section below.

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