I love writing about criminals who just are not very smart. Sometimes these criminals think up what could be a good idea but their execution is just not very good. Sometimes these criminals have good execution but try to hide their identity is not so hidden way. Sometimes criminals just can't stop criminaling as soon as they get out of jail. Such is the case for this Houston man.

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A tow truck driver only named as Jimmy was at a car wash late at night on January 8 in Houston. He says that a masked man walked up to him and pointed a gun at him and told him not to move. Jimmy started to reach for his own firearm but was shot in the stomach by the robber. Jimmy was able to return fire but did not hit the suspect before he jumped into the passenger seat of a SUV.

Another tow truck saw what was going on and followed the SUV with the suspect inside. The tow truck driver was able to shoot the suspect's vehicle but did not hit the suspect. Eventually, police were able to locate the vehicle based on the tow truck driver's description and with the presence of bullet holes in the back. A chase both in the car and on foot ensued.

The suspected shooter was caught and arrested. He was identified as 31-year old Zachary M. Smith.

Smith was charged with felony evading and aggravated assault of a public servant for ramming a Houston police car. Zachary was able to bond out and apparently went on another crime spree over the next couple of weeks. He was arrested again for theft of a vehicle, another police chase and three other felony charges. As police continued their investigation, they were able to add on aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and unlawful carrying of a weapon charges to Zachary's arrest involving the shooting of the tow truck driver Jimmy.

With this story, we can name Zachary M. Smith as our dumb crook of the week. At least until a possible dumber one comes along.

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