It's unclear exactly what exactly Jerimiah Hartline was on last Saturday night, but it's safe to say it was pretty strong.

In his altered state the 19-year-old from Tennessee decided to steal a big rig full of strawberries that had been parked in a weigh station at a Rainbow, California rest stop.

Hartline may have not initially known what he had stolen but he found out soon enough. That's because his truck driving skills proved to be quite poor and he started crashing into cars almost immediately after making off with the vehicle.

Four cars in all were damaged and the force of the impact caused the truck to flip over, filling I-15 with strawberries and briefly shutting down the northbound section of the freeway.

But Hartline wasn't done. He attempted to hijack a van and make a getaway but the vehicle's driver instead wrestled Hartline to the ground and waited for the cops to come.

When they did arrive Hartline offered up an excuse even more outrageous than his ill-conceived crime. He told the authorities he was being chased by zombies and that's why he had to keep moving at all costs.

Folks, that's not going to work. Especially when there are many other witnesses who can confirm the lack of undead at the crime scene.

Hartline was taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries and is expected to face a long list of charges.

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