You don't move with an analog stick, fire with R2 or press A to jump. You are thrown into a real zombie apocalypse and have to survive.

That's the theme of Apocalypse World Tour that will be in Plano with tickets going on sale starting August 4. Your group of four will use authentic military training weapons in a laser tag style adventure shooting professional actors made up as zombies. The event takes place September 8 and 9. I imagine this is going to be super fun and popular, so get your tickets the day they go on sale if you're interested (August 4).

Apocalypse World Tour via Youtube
Apocalypse World Tour via Youtube

The actors wear head shot target receivers that will indicate when they have been "killed". Some will take more than one shot - so make sure your aim is on point!

There are two levels to the adventure. The Recruit Mission which gives you a 150-round mag and the Special Ops Mission with a 500-round mag.

I have always wondered if I could survive a zombie apocalypse. Well, here's one way to see if you have what it takes to not become a zombie's next meal! Get off the couch, blow off some steam and blow away some zombies. That sounds like a fun weekend to me.

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