With the excitement of the passing of Propositions one and two in Tyler and the stocking of holiday flavored beers, the thought of the frothy cold beverage is on a lot of people's minds. Lucky for us Texans, our state offers a variety of great homeland brewers. We can support our state's economy and enjoy a cold one at the same time. So, which one is your favorite Texas beer?

I am a big fan of beers of all types. There never seems to be a brew that I cannot enjoy. Now, don't start believing me to be an alcoholic. Beer is about more than the feeling it can give you after a few. The cornucopia of flavors, strengths, types, and brands offered  builds not an addiction, but a hobby. The array of tastes that are produced around the globe can leave a beer snob dizzy.

Lucky for those of us living in Texas. Our state offers us numerous chances to try and love beer made all around us.

Under the six flags lies a melting pot of traditions and flavors that make Texas beers unique from the rest of the states and each other. Brew companies like; Saint Arnold, Shiner, and Real Ale Brewing keep Texans on their toes for beer choices. Some choices aren't as good as others, but we support them to help our state's brewing world.

So what Texas beers are you drinking? Here are my top five favs. Let me know below which you prefer.

1. The Shiner Family
   I adore the original Shiner dark and full bodied brew, but they keep producing new
and interesting taste that make my tongue jump, jive, and wail.

2. Real Ale Brewing Company's Brewhouse Brown
   This beer is so close to the Shiner Original's flavor, but is so completely different. This
ale gives a more chocolate swing to the normal dark brew.

3. ZiegenBock 
Owned by the Anheuser-Busch company, this beer is made in Texas for Texans. It
is the leading competitor for Shiner and makes for a tough fight between the two.
ZiegenBock is a Texas must have.

4. Lonestar
      Though Lonestar may not be a luxury beer in either taste nor price, it is still a Texas
favorite. In fact, it's recent popularity with consumers has allowed for it's prices to
start slowly inching upwards.

5. Pearl
      Another beer at the bottom of the price scale but high up in respect and love is
Pearl. Sometimes you don't need a fancy shmancy beer, sometimes you want
something that feels like home. What better beer can give that feeling than Pearl?

So which one is your favorite? What are you picking up for this weekend's football games or other festivities? Know of a different one that wasn't mentioned? Let us know.

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