The authors of this bill argue that this is not meat or beef and should not be labeled as such.

House Bill 316, which was approved after a brief debate, is intended to prohibit companies from misleading consumers. If a company produces food from insects, plants or cell cultures, not slaughtered animals, they will not be allowed to use the labels “meat,” “pork,” “poultry” or “beef.”

“This is for those who choose to eat meat, but it’s also for those who choose to not eat meat,” said Texas state Rep. Brad Buckley, who also introduced the bill, according to the Austin American-Statesman. A label that would remain with this bill would be burger for instance. Other states have attempted to file similar bills and companies have fought back.  Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers have filed lawsuits citing free speech on this issue.

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"Our goal here today with this bill is to have clear and accurate labeling so the consumer has no doubt what they’re purchasing,” Buckley said. “The most frequent call I’ve gotten is from vegetarians that are for this bill.” "It is not anti-plant based, anti-cell culture,” he later added.

I have to be honest, I don't think anyone is being tricked when purchasing a plant based meat. Unless you're someone that just grabs the cheapest meat in the aisle, which is never the plant based options from what I've seen. Those boxes are clearly labeled with what you're getting and I think everyone knows it's not meat, beef, or whatever.

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