You've sat down at your favorite diner and decided on your meat. Now the tough decision, which three vegetables to go with it. It's a difficult choice.

First of all, mac and cheese is always a vegetable. Don't get all food nerd on me.

Next should be fried okra, which was sadly excluded from the video. Maybe he's the surprise ex that'll show up in the next episode.

Green beans are always good. Especially with the chunks of bacon in 'em. #yummy.

Fried green tomatoes are good but I would consider them more of an appetizer. With some ranch to dip them in.

I personally would've gone with corn on the cob. Buttery, tastes great, so what if the kernels get stuck in your teeth.

Hope you enjoyed this video (I laughed way too hard at this). Check out more from It's A Southern Thing on their Youtube channel.

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