At times when I hear about crimes being committed I feel bad for the people involved because often they feel like they have no other option. But in instances like this it's difficult for me to think that way, when someone is actively participating in transporting and distributing over 900 pounds of Methamphetamine in the state of Texas they need to face some serious consequences.

Earlier this month border agents in Laredo, Texas seized over $18 million dollars worth of methamphetamine that was coming into the United States at the World Trade Bridge. The shipment of drugs were hidden in a bunch of white five gallon buckets and loaded on a truck. The truck was supposed to be used for hauling stainless steel scrap but a K9 and imaging system revealed they were hauling much more than scrap steel.

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During the More Detailed Search Border Agents Found the Drugs

As you would expect, when border agents started looking at the truck more closely they found the buckets and immediately placed the 33-year-old driver under arrest. There aren't many details being given about the driver of the truck but I'm sure that is because the investigation is still on-going.

Lives Were Saved Because of These Drugs Are Off the Streets

While I'm sure these border agents feel like they are just doing their job, there is a good chance these drugs being seized saved a few lives. While this is probably small when considering how much drugs are transported into our country, it's still fantastic to know that this 913 pounds of meth will not make it to the streets.

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