You expect big busts like this in bigger towns but let's hope criminals pick up on the warning, don't try to bring drugs into Henderson, Texas. There have been two suspects that have learned that lesson the hard way in the past few days. We're not talking about simple possession charges, these are two two large drug busts took place just three days apart in the small East Texas city of Henderson.

The first drug bust took place on Tuesday, November 9th and it began with just a simple traffic violation. The officer during the stop gained probable cause to search the vehicle and found 35 bottles of liquid Promethazine. Those 35 bottles were holding a total of 672,525 fluid ounces. According to law enforcement the bottles have a street value of between $800 and $1000 per bottle. The driver was immediately arrested, and the investigation was completed by the Henderson Police Department and the Mt. Enterprise City Marshall.

There Was More Police Work Behind the Second Drug Bust

On Friday, November 12 an officer working with the Henderson Police Department and the Mt. Enterprise City Marshal and once again there was a traffic violation that caused the vehicle to be pulled over. The officer observed several indicators consistent with criminal activity, he asked the driver for permission to search the vehicle and the driver granted permission. After searching around the officer found 200 grams of cocaine concealed in the dash of the vehicle. The driver was arrested and taken to Rusk County Jail on a 1st degree felony charge.

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All East Texans Should Be Applauding the Henderson Police Department

This is great police work by a smaller department in East Texas. This is a lot of drugs that won't be on the streets because these officers are watching out for their community. Fantastic job, Henderson Police Department, thank you.

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