It is just a once in a million type experience. People equate it to being similar to hitting the lottery. If it's all the same to you, prefer the lottery being where my number comes up. A Salado, Texas couple's car was hit by lightning when driving from the Killeen-Temple area to Austin earlier this week.

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If you think about all the times something rare happens to a person, you kind of start to notice a lot of things are like hitting the lottery on the odds side of things. Just for many, instead of winning a huge jackpot, they end up with a carton full of double yolk eggs, or their car is Hit. By. Lightning.

Personally, if your car is struck by lightning while driving on the interstate, and you walk away from it, then you've hit the lottery twice. What are the odds of simultaneously hitting 2 lotteries? If I win that lottery, you won't ever find me every fantasizing about striking it rich with the Powerball.

Feel like taking a virtual road trip? Well, buckle up.

25 years ago a number 1 song was at the tops of the charts telling the story of how another Salado couple took off on a drive on Interstate 35. That song was "The Way," by Austin based band Fastball. It was the lead single on their 2nd album called: All the Pain Money Can Buy.

That couple was heading north to Temple, and just kept on going to Arkansas. James Keaton and his wife were heading south, and are thankful to have the opportunity to, "Make it home." Check out their story on KCEN-TV.

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