It Might Look Like A "Blessing" But Its Something Much More Sinister And You Need To Know What To Do Next.

One thing about car thieves: If they want your car, they will get it. We've seen all kinds of ways criminals steal cars from breaking into them to using computers and USB cords but now they are resorting to a scam that many will surely fall for because who doesn't "like" money?

Police departments all across the country are warning about this scam and how not to get got. This can happen to you anywhere, even right here in Tyler, Texas. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself.

So How Does This Work?


Here's how they get you:

The thieves who have targeted you will leave money on your windshield. They will typically leave a $20 $100 bill but in most cases, they are counterfeit according to Motor Biscuit.

Then they wait for you to return to your car to start it and in most cases, the victim doesn't notice the money until once they're inside and the car is running. When you get out of the running car to examine or grab the money, that's when the thieves will rush over, hop in, and take the car.

What Should I Do To Protect Myself?

There's a couple of things you can do if you find yourself in this situation. For starters, no need to panic because you're in full control of what happens next. The BEST move is to immediately call the police and walk away.

But, if you notice the money after you’ve already gotten in and started your vehicle, it’s best to is to simply drive away with the money under your windshield. Make sure your doors are locked and vacate the area. Face it folks, whether the money is real or not, your CAR is worth more so don't let "greed" make you a victim.

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EDIT: This was originally published June 21, 2023

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