Let's face it, we all need food right? There are many different types of cuisine in the world, and Texas is no different. We've all seen the foods that pop up at the state fair after all.

But instead of examining fair food, which don't worry we're definitely excited for the release of Texas State Fair foods, we're going to examine something a little bit different. Some of you may recall when we talked about hot Dr. Pepper a while back. While we we will be discussing soft drinks once again, it won't be the doctor that is in.

Instead, we'll take a look another soda, mixed with something that may make some scratch their heads in confusion.

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Salad And...Coca Cola?

First let's take a look at a video of the salad being made:

Umm...are we allowed to talk about the color? I mean we understand it is green, which does match the actual color of salad. But...it just doesn't look appetizing at all does it.

Also, this really isn't a salad is it? I mean when was the last time you saw a salad with Jell-O in it? That just doesn't seem like it would mesh well.

This seriously is a delicacy? Look I understand we live in the south and many love Coca-Cola, including myself, but this might just be a little too much. This might be up there as a potentially bad idea to serve at a gathering in my opinion.

Honestly, this is right below whoever thought Pepsi and Ketchup was good combination.

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