As someone who works hard every day, when I hear about scammers, I get angry. It’s so aggravating to hear about people that aren’t willing to work for what they want in life, instead they would try to scam others out of their hard-earned money. These scammers know exactly what they are doing, and they don’t seem to care about the consequences of their actions. Which is why I wanted to take the time to inform you about 6 of the most common scams that you will find circulating around the state of Texas. 


It’s possible that you may have heard about one or even some of the scams listed below but this is your reminder to stay aware of the things around you. It only takes one busy day that you are distracted for them to get your information and cause months and months' worth of headaches for you and your family.  

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Scammers Almost Got Me, And It Was My Fault 

After spending 10+ hours at work I had just arrived home and got a phone call saying they were my bank and had to verify account details for some reason. I was exhausted and not paying attention, before I realized I was typing my bank card number into the phone, and I just paused. I then realized this was a scam and hung up. I called my bank and told them what happened, we took the appropriate security measures, but I quickly understood how easy it is to become a victim of a scammer. 

Here Are the 6 Scams You Need to Be Aware of in Texas 

To make sure you don’t become a victim to any of these common scams I wanted to make sure you know about them and how they work. Here is some insight into 6 of the most common scams you will find in the state of Texas.  

6 Common Scams Found in Texas

Here is a look at six of the most common scams found in the state of Texas. Remember these so you don't become a victim.

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