There are lots of people in the state of Texas that absolutely believe they have seen a UFO. First, is it important to understand what a UFO is. A UFO is an Unidentified flying object, it’s any perceived aerial object that cannot be identified or explained. What is unusual to me is just how many people believe they have seen UFO’s while here in the state of Texas, I don’t believe I have ever seen one.  


Everyone is going to have their own guess on what a UFO might be doing or who might be on-board or in control of a UFO. But I just want to be able to say that I have seen one. I am one of those people that must see it to believe it for myself, so without seeing a UFO myself, it’s difficult for me to believe they are real. Although I think it could be exciting if there are UFO’s flying around that we don’t know about.  

When Did UFO’s Become Popular? 

It appears people started really taking an interest in UFOs after World War II and the development of rocket technology. World UFO Day is celebrated each year on July 2nd to acknowledge the presence of extraterrestrial life and spread awareness about UFOs. 

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What Texas Counties Have Reported the Most UFOs? 

Here is a look at the Texas counties that have reported the most UFO sightings according to the National UFO Reporting Center. If you believe you have seen a UFO before, please tell us about it in the comment section and leave pictures if you have them.  

Texas Counties with Most UFO Sightings

NUFORC or National UFO Reporting Center recently put up a map with the most UFO sightings in the country. Here are the top results for Texas.

Gallery Credit: Stryker

Musicians That Believe in Aliens

Tom DeLonge has got A LOT of company.

Gallery Credit: Todd Fooks

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