This has to be one of the most ridiculous cases of price gouging I've ever heard of and it needs to be stopped immediately. According to KXAN, a couple in Austin, Texas was preparing to go on vacation to Peru and prior to the trip they needed proof of testing negative for Covid-19. The couple did as instructed set up appointments at Austin Emergency Center in Riverside, it's a freestanding private emergency room. While they both tested negative it was the shocking amount they were charged for the Covid tests that almost killed them.

The total bill was $3,973 and their insurance company was saying they were responsible for the whole charge. Which seems a bit crazy as for over a year it was free for all Covid tests and now we have companies that are just trying to price gouge to see what they can get away with.

What the Emergency Room Said About the Large Cost for the Covid Tests

The price listed on the website for Austin ER is $427, which is still crazy high in my opinion, but that cost is generally covered under the CARES Act. But then there was a 'physicians charge', 'ER visit charge', and lab charge. Which makes up the rest of the gigantic bill the couple got smacked with before taking a dream trip.

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There Is a Happy Ending to This Story

The Austin Emergency Center said if they can't get the insurance company to pay for the costs included in the total bill, they will not go after the patient for those costs.

But that doesn't mean that other companies will be doing that same thing. So, if you are getting tested of Covid make sure to ask what the costs are up front so you don't get smacked with an unexpected bill.

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