Some of my favorite shows on the streaming services that I overpay for are crime shows. My wife and I love to sit on the couch and see stories of unbelievable crimes with a majority of them ending in a court case where someone is convicted of a felony crime. But what exactly is a felony crime, I couldn’t get into specifics because I’m not a lawyer and have never been convicted of one. Which is why I wanted to investigate the subject and then found that there are actually five different types of felony crimes in the state of Texas. 

Each case is going to be a little different and depending on how severe the charge is will also change the length of the sentence that is handed down by the judge overseeing the case. Most people don’t wake up one day saying they want to commit a felony and do time in jail but if you commit a crime in Texas there will be a harsh consequence for your actions.

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Criminal History Can Come Into Play 

It’s not uncommon to see charges reduced or even dropped depending on a person's criminal history. Which is another reason it’s very important to stay out of trouble. If you have a long history of criminal activity, the judge is most likely not going to be easy on you. 

Let’s Look at the Different Types of Felonies in Texas 

As mentioned above there are five different categories of felony charges in Texas, some being way worse than others, although all of them should be avoided. Let’s look a little closer at each type of felony. 

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