Just about every driver in the state of Texas breaks the law almost daily, while it might seem a little crazy but even one mile per hour over the speed limit is breaking the law. Now in most cases no law enforcement officer is going to pull you over for driving one mile per hour over the speed limit, but they technically could, due to you breaking the law. But there are obviously way worse things you can do than speeding in Texas. 

Pulled Over in Texas

There are numerous things that you can do as a driver in the state of Texas that could make you lose your license. We are talking about driving infractions so bad that Texas needs to take your driving privilege away from you, which seems embarrassing as an adult. But when drivers are putting other people on the road at risk there needs to be consequences to those actions. 

Driving Infractions That Take Your License in Texas 

While there are multiple infractions that could have your license removed, these are very serious, and many of them involve being behind the wheel of your vehicle while being intoxicated. Having lost a cousin to a drunk driver, please don’t drink and drive. The consequences are not worth it.  

Let’s Look at the Infractions That Could Make You Lose Your License in Texas 

Make sure you’re being careful when you’re driving in Texas. Here is a look at some of the driving infractions that could make you lose your license in the lone star state. 

Texas Driving Offenses Automatically Lose Your License

Texas Driving Violations That Revoke Your License

Gallery Credit: Crash Kelley

The 7 Weirdest Driving Laws in the State of Texas

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