Let me start by saying that marijuana is illegal in Texas. You cannot possess or consume marijuana like you can in other U.S. states. That might change one day but I don’t want to confuse anyone when we discuss a few Texas cities that have decided to decriminalize marijuana, but it is still illegal for you to have marijuana and law enforcement has no problem taking you to jail if you’re possessing the illegal substance. 

Marijuana in Texas

Recently, decriminalizing marijuana was voted on in Lubbock. If passed it would have stopped law enforcement from arresting people for having less than four ounces of marijuana in most cases, according to KXAN. There was strong support on both sides of this, but in the end the voters decided that they did not want marijuana to be decriminalized. So, it remains that only 6 cities within the state of Texas have decided to decriminalize the green leafy substance. 

What Happens Next with Marijuana in Texas 

Will marijuana be legal in Texas and across all 50 states, it’s possible, but not happening anytime soon. But I will admit while I don’t care whether people choose to smoke or not, I do hope that law makers will be sure that smoking should not be allowed around parks or playgrounds. When I visit family in states where it’s legal, I think it’s crazy that people would smoke near kids. It’s just common sense. 

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Let’s Look at the 6 Texas Cities that Have Decriminalized Marijuana 

Here is a look at the six Texas cities that have already decided to decriminalize marijuana. Although, remember, it’s still illegal to have marijuana in Texas.  

6 Texas Cities That Have Decriminalized Marijuana

Here is a look at the cities in Texas that decided to decriminalize marijuana.

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