So often we are talking about all the great things in Texas whether it’s the delicious food, all the fun activities, or the beautiful landscape. But there are other fantastic things about the great state of Texas and part of that includes all the doors we can open for ourselves if we are willing to put in the work. If you’re putting your work in through education, there are some tremendous schools to choose from here in Texas. 

Education is so important for your future, but as you will learn soon enough, we never stop learning new things. But it’s important to want to continue to learn so you can use the things that you learn to get a good job, be able to provide for your family, and enjoy life. But there are some colleges or universities in the state of Texas that cost way more than others, so let’s look at the most expensive schools in Texas. 

What Criteria Went into the Most Expensive Texas University List 

The schools we looked at for this list are all at the FBS level, which means they are eligible to play in the highest level of sports in college athletics.  

Most Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Best 

When you decide to look for a college or university to attend, don’t make your choice based off tuition. Base the decision on the best education for the career you want to explore. Remember to choose a job or career that you will enjoy, and it starts with picking a school. Here are the most expensive colleges and universities in Texas.  

Most Expensive Texas Universities

Obviously Texas has a lot of amazing colleges. Today we're focusing on the ones that are a FBS school. Which means they're bowl eligible at the highest level in college football. Apparantly this what tuition costs per year at each of these universities. Info taken from US Department of Education.

Gallery Credit: Stryker

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