Making memories with your dad on Father’s Day is what the day is all about. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant just making sure that you take the time to show him that you care. But one father and son combination set out to do some fishing for Father’s Day and ended up catching a huge fish in the state of Texas. 


It was Dace D’Onofrio and his dad Michael that decided to go fishing for Father’s Day and they had no idea the kind of day they were going to have and the memories they were going to make. The duo hit the waters in the Gulf of Mexico when Dace felt a tug on the line, this was not a normal tug, because this fish was big. That’s when the fight began to reel in this monster. 

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Details About Catching the Huge Fish on Father’s Day 

Texas Parks and Wildlife released some details about the fishing adventure but never mention exactly how long it took to land the enormous fish. Eventually the father and son were able to get the fish on the boat and got to measure and weigh the fish. It ended up being a black grouper weighing 76.55 pounds and measured 57 inches in length. Not bad for the first fish you ever caught. 

Records Were Broken! 

The fish they landed was a state record, junior state record, water body record, junior water body record, and Dace also got a first fish award. Way to go Dace and Michael! 

We hope that you had a record-breaking Father’s Day spending time with your dad too.

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