It's been a sad story since we first found out about Trent Paschal who was accused of killing his own wife in October of 2020. No one is really sure what caused Trent to shoot and kill his wife Savanah but after taking her life law enforcement was able to track down Trent but he went on the run again. But he is no longer running from law enforcement as he took his own life as law enforcement tracked him down once again this time in the state of Florida.

According to ABC 13, after the shooting took place Paschal was trying to avoid law enforcement in Harris County, Texas but he was shot by a deputy after a confrontation and was taken into custody. He was recovering from injuries and after a few months he was able to bond out of Galveston and Harris county jails as he was awaiting trial.

Trent Paschal Then Cut Off His Ankle Monitor And Went on the Run Again

It was April of 2021 when Paschal was out on bond and he decided to cut off his court ordered ankle monitor and then held a car salesman at knifepoint before stealing the Chevrolet Tahoe they had been test driving. No one had seen or heard from Paschal since then until police got a tip about where he could be hiding.

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Marion County Sheriff's Department in Florida Cautiously Approached

This past weekend law enforcement in Florida got a tip that Paschal was staying at the Holiday Trav-l Park RV Resort in Ocala. Deputies approached the suspects vehicle on New Years Eve and that is when police heard a gun shot. Paschal shot and killed himself with police just feet away knocking at his door.

Savanah Paschal was a mother of two, a daughter, and a friend to many who miss her. Loved ones have already set up a charity walk in her honor and to help victims of domestic violence.

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