In just about every single garage in the state of Texas you’re going to find a bunch of items that really should be thrown away at this point. There are so many projects that we all set aside because one day were going to have the time to work on it, although we never make the time to actually work on these projects. Enough is enough, it’s time to start throwing away items that we don’t need to hold onto anymore.  

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Let’s be honest, the clutter that collects in the garage creates an issue, because you’re just holding on to more and more stuff that is adding to your stress levels as your garage is quickly becoming disorganized. Quit holding on to these items, even if you were to find the time to work on all of your projects, it’s worth going to the hardware store to spend a few dollars and not have a cluttered garage.  

It’s Amazing How Quickly Items Stack Up 

The most difficult time for me to add things to my garage is after the holidays. We always seem to add more Christmas decorations and decor and as we take everything down it’s just so easy to throw everything in the garage. Ugh, this is also serving as a reminder to myself to clean up my own garage. 

Let’s Look at Some Items That Should Be Thrown Away 

There are some common items that are found in just about every garage in the state of Texas. Here is a look at some of those items, and hopefully you take action and just throw these items in the garbage.  

Items in Your Garage That Should Be Thrown Away

You're probably noticing more and more items filling up your garage, here is a list of some of the things you should just throw away. You don't need to keep all the clutter.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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