The Marfa Lights have been seen by millions and explained by none. Turns out they aren't the only mystery lights in Texas.

Marfa, Texas ... located a couple of hours from El Paso, 73 miles from Van Horn via US-90 ... is known for the mysterious Marfa Lights that rise up from the desert floor and vanish.

Many folks, including a retired, NASA aerospace engineer, have tried to figure out what the hell these things are. So far, no luck.

Marfa even built a viewing area to accommodate the droves of people who came hoping to see them.

I went looking for them before they built the viewing area so I haven't seen that but I DID see the lights. Weird.

Turns out they, Marfa, are not alone.

Saratoga, Texas

Saratoga, Texas is also home to a mystery light along what is considered to be the states most haunted road, Old Bragg Road.

On Old Bragg, folks say they see flickering lights darting between the trees and then vanishing without a trace. See a photo here.

So far, no one has been able to explain these guys either.

Anson, Texas

Seeing the Anson ghost light involves more than just pulling over and looking. You have to follow a dark, lonely stretch of US-180 to a cemetery.

Once there, stop at the crossroads, turn your vehicle back the way you came in the center of it and kill the lights and motor.

Then, flash your headlights 3 times and wait.

What's The Story Behind The Anson Ghost Light?

The legend behind this light, goes like this:

A long time ago a young boy went camping by him­self, and his mother gave him a lantern. She told him that if he needed help, all he had to do was flash the lantern three times and she would come to him. The boy never returned, so his mother—who just happens to be buried in the cemetery—rises from the dead with a lantern each time she sees the headlights. - texasmonthly

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